BlinkStick is smart LED controller with integrated USB firmware. It plugs into your computer and allows control the color of individually addressable or single color LEDs and LED strips.

It acts as a HID (Human Interface Device) and does not need any additional drivers. It uses ATTiny85 microcontroller with V-USB firmware and has just a few commands which let you:

  • Set the color of the LEDs to any RGB color
  • Name the device
  • Store a limited amount of data on the device

All blinking, color animations and notification logic is built into the client application and API implementations available for popular operating systems. Client application can work as a standalone and integrate with BlinkStick.com where the owner of the device can set the color, turn it on or off. It also lets anybody control the device color via smartphone, tablet or desktop web browser.

BlinkStick client application features:

  • Control any number of BlinkSticks
  • Detects when device is plugged in or unplugged.
  • Check email and get notifications about new email messages
  • Connect to BlinkStick.com and control the LED remotely
  • Visually display CPU usage