Control BlinkStick Remotely

You can control your BlinkStick remotely. In order to do this, you have to hook up your BlinkStick with our web service. There are multiple ways to do this.

Using the BlinkStick Client application (Windows)

  • Create a new device on the website.
  • Add a new Event with type "" on the client application available in the downloads section.
  • Paste the Access Code from device information page on the website into the application
  • Your device is ready to be controlled via

Using command line tool from Python package (Linux, Mac OS X)

Install the BlinkStick Python package

Use the command line tool to connect to BlinkStick:

blinkstick --connect access_code

Replace access code with the Access Code string from the registered BlinkStick details page on the website.

Writing code for Python (Linux, Mac OSX)

Install the BlinkStick Python package

Use this code sample to connect to a device registered on

BlinkStick remote control sample in Python

Writing code for Node.js (Linux, Mac OSX)

Install Node.js client and use this code sample to connect device to

Share your BlinkStick

Share your BlinkStick and let others take control!